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Key Enterprises primarily supports adult men and women with enduring mental health needs, learning disabilities and acquired brain injuries but also accepts referrals from those with other psychological impairments such as dementia where appropriate to do so. Service users can take part in a range of work-based and social activities within our 5 departments such as:

  • Bicycle recycling, maintenance and sales

  • Community, commercial and allotment gardening

  • Metalwork

  • Woodwork

  • Activities - this includes art, drama, cooking, active pursuits, trips and excursions (locally and regionally) plus much more

Service users can choose to attend from one day per week to five days per week. The number of days placed depends upon the needs of the service user and also the amount of funding available for the placement.

The majority of our referrals are placed with funding via an assessed personal budget usually obtained following social care needs assessment performed by a Social Worker; however, we do accept referrals from families, carers and third-party care providers for those that wish to self-fund.

We welcome visits from Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, CPNs and other care professionals who would like to learn more about how Key Enterprises operates and how we support our service users to unlock their potential.

The referral timeline:

  1. Contact is made with Key Enterprises that expresses interest in a service user wanting to attend Key Enterprises

  2. A referral form, risk statement and pre-assessment form are filled out on behalf of the service user.

  3. A 20-minute visit is arranged to allow the service user (and any carers/professionals) to take a tour of our facilities and see what activities we have on offer.

  4. If the first visit is successful, we can offer service users a half-day taster session free of charge. This will take place in one of our 5 departments and offer prospective service users a chance to experience what a typical day at Key Enterprises is like.

  5. Once a funding option is in place then the Service Manager will communicate with the service user and referrer to arrange a start date. On the service user’s first day and induction will take place with the Service Manager and also the Supervisor running the chosen department(s).

Key Enterprises has availability in most departments for new referrals. In the case that the preferred day/department is not available, we can add your client to a waiting list and contact you as soon as a space becomes available.

Our Service Manager and safeguarding lead, Rob, will be able to take you through the referral process and is on hand to answer any questions that you have. Rob is also responsible for service user welfare and is happy to be involved in any care team/professional meetings once the placement has started to provide insight into how the service user is progressing at Key Enterprises.

Please note that payments are based on a placement basis, not on actual attendance. We require one month's notice of a placement ending or changing. Our current fees are £66.69 for a full-day session.

Please  feel free to fill out the referral form at the link above. If you have any questions, please email:

Alternatively, you can contact us by post at:

Key Enterprises

Unit 36 Bellingham Drive

North Tyne Industrial Estate

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE25 8TR

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