Thank you for your support.

Wow, our Crowdfunder has only been live a few days and we have already raised £400 in donations! Lots of you are making the most of collecting our fantastic rewards: your personal name or business can feature on our website. You can grab one of our brilliant key rings that are made from recycled bicycle chain. We also have a selection of commission vouchers and bike service tokens up for grabs.

We really appreciate your continued support but let's not stop now! We've still got 38 days left on the crowdfunder campaign so, if you've already pledged, why not send your friends and family a quick message sharing how important the work we do at Key Enterprises is. For those of you who haven't pledged yet and would still like to, any amount is welcome and you don't even need to request a reward if you don't want to. Every little helps!

The main goal of this crowdfunder is to help invest in technology that will bring our service users together and tackle isolation. We want to supply at least 6 of our more isolated service users with tablets and mobile data plans allowing them to access video calls and online educational media to maintain engagement during covid-19 lockdown. At around £200 each, we have set an initial target of £1200 to help us achieve this goal with scope for funding further projects should we exceed this.

This technology doesn't come cheap and in many cases we would like to offer a data-plan for those who don't have access to a WiFi connection which can incur increased costs as well. 

All of this ties in to our mission points:

Improve skills – Provide supported opportunities for service users to develop new skills or maintain existing ones in a practical workshop setting. 

Reduce isolation – Offer a supportive, dignified space where people feel comfortable and valued, provide opportunities for social participation and widen horizons with new experiences. 

Increase well-being – Contribute towards the greater well-being of service users by providing a quality service and linking up with partner organisations to provide specialist support for identified needs. 

With your help we can really make a difference to the lives of our service users. Thank you so much to everyone who has shared our campaign.

You can visit our Crowdfunder page here: