Sharing your activities and adventures with Key Enterprises

We hope you're all staying safe and well during the current coronavirus lockdown situation. It feel like it has been going on for years, doesn't it?

Now that we are well into summer and we're seeing lots of warm sunny weather, we'd love to see what you are getting up to. Whether you're a service user, staff or a friend of Key Enterprises.

You can send us photos, videos or even write us an email so we can see what you've been doing. And if you want us to, we will share our favourites on our social media and here on the website new section.

Lots of you have been going on walks or bike rides, we'd love to see where you go and share a photo of your achievement, especially if you hit a big distance milestone!

Also, if you're working on any projects that relate to your Key Enterprises departments that'd be great to see, are any of you growing vegetables or flowers? Or maybe doing your own woodwork project at home? Let us know.

I know that football is really important to so many of us at Key Enterprises, if you want to write up a match report or share your feelings about how good (or bad) Newcastle United are doing now that the premier league has started again, we can add it to our news section to make sure everyone gets the latest reports!

You can email your photos or stories to

Or you can message us on social media on our Facebook page at

and on our twitter page:

Remember to stay safe and follow all NHS/Government guidance while out and about, including social distancing.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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