Men's Health Week 2021

Men's Health Week is all about raising awareness of health issues that disproportionately affect men and has a focus on helping men become more knowledgeable about their mental and physical health and to give the courage to seek help where it is needed.

Here is a collection of a couple of different places who are promoting resources for Men's Health Week. First up, the Newcastle United Foundation have got a campaign called Be A Game Changer. This is a promotion to encourage men to talk about mental health.

Here's why it is so important to them:

"The North East has the one of the highest male suicide rates in the country. Sadly, the number of people taking their own lives is on the increase nationally and men account for 75 per cent of all recorded suicides in the UK. Suicide is the most common cause of death for men aged 20 to 49 in England and Wales.

If we talk more openly about mental health, we can take steps to look after ourselves, and each other, more effectively.

As football fans we keep a close eye on our team – and we know you keep a close eye on your mates too. So we know that’s the best way to get the ball rolling and start talking. Together, we can save lives."

You can read more about the campaign on their website:

The UK Men's Health Forum is another excellent resource filled with a wide range of information this week, especially focusing on mental health and the impact that it has with the stress of living through Covid-19.

They have a campaign called the Can Do Challenge which is encouraging people to make a 5-day plan each week to help focus on mindfulness and wellbeing.

This is what they had to say about the 5 ways to wellbeing:

  1. Connect - connect with other people (eg. call an old friend you haven't since before lockdown) #connectmonday

  2. (Be) Active - move your body (eg. go for a run/walk/swim/dance/etc) #activetuesday

  3. Notice - take notice of the environment around you (eg. turn off your phone for an hour) #noticewednesday

  4. Discover - learn something new (eg. read a book you haven't read before) #discoverthursday

  5. Offer (or give) - do something for someone else (eg. volunteer for a local community group) #offerfriday

You can read more about it here:

For more information about Men's Health Week you can search on social media using #MensHealthWeek to see what other organisations are doing to help raise awareness and support men's mental and physical health.

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