Earth Day 2021

The 22nd April is Earth Day. An annual event that has been ongoing since 1970, Earth Day is all about generating support for global environmental protection. Environmentalism can come in lots of forms whether it is choosing green transport like bikes or electric cars, changing your diet by cutting out or reducing how much meat you eat to campaigning for changes on a government and level.

Sustainability is a big part of the way we work here at Key Enterprises. Our garden department has a focus on creating green spaces that promote activities of birds and pollinators including bees. We’ve even got our very own wildflower garden here on site!

We also show service users how to grow their own fruits and vegetables which can encourage us all to eat locally (and organically where possible).

Earth Day 2021 have provided some useful toolkits for how to set up your own pollinator garden and bee-friendly environment you can read all about it here:

Our bike department fix up and recycle old bikes and make them ready for a new owner to enjoy! Promoting a culture of fixing rather than wasting and buying again. “Repair not replace”.

Twice a week, we take bike rides with our service users exploring all over Newcastle, North Tyneside and beyond. Helping people become more confident riding bikes has led to an increase in service users arriving to K|E by bicycle (and sometimes even tandem bikes!) rather than by car or taxi. Not only is it great for your mental and physical health but it’s also one of the best ways we as individuals can reduce our carbon footprint.

In the same spirit as our bike department, our metalwork team are brilliantly creative when it comes to upcycling pieces of disused metal. Whether it’s our bike-chain keyrings (available to buy at Reception) or even our rotating washing machine drum fire pit, yes you heard that right. It all helps in the steps of reducing waste, reusing where possible and as a last resort recycling it.

We’re doing our bit to help reduce our environmental impact and to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. We can always do more and are frequently taking steps to make Key Enterprises as green as possible so future generations can not only enjoy our services sustainably, but to enjoy our whole planet for years to come as well.

If you want to learn more about Earth Day you can read all about it on their website

Alternatively, you can search the hashtag #EarthDay on social media to see what people around the world are doing to celebrate.

The Earth Day YouTube channel are hosting live events for free over the next three days. You can tune in at any time here to see what is happening: