Bike Rides and Giant Spoons

Since March a new phrase began flying around the airwaves. Everything now is 'socially distant'. Socially-distant shopping, socially-distant picnics and even socially distant concerts. The reality is however that we're trying to be as socially close as possible but remaining physically distant! I've been trying to say physical distancing because it's so important to maintain and check in on our social relationships.

During lockdown our head of bikes, Steve, conducted a weekly bike ride with a service user to improve well-being and to help others safely exercise in accordance to lockdown and covid-19 safety measures. The weekly rides were one on one and physically distant at all times, but most importantly they were social and provided a fantastic window of positivity in what has been very a challenging time for many of our service users.

Many of the bike-rides included a pilgrimage to the Cramlington "Giant Spoon" which soon became a bit of a Key Enterprises meme with plenty of staff and service users wanting to get involved in visiting the spoon on their own little exercise excursions. Chef Mark definitely wins for the most visits to the spoon, he's becoming quite protective over it!

Also, a great effort from Jordan who has made full use of his tandem bike come rain or shine! Thankfully we've seen plenty of shine this summer and it's been fantastic to see so many of you out riding bikes and taking walks to keep in such fine fettle during the pandemic.

It wasn't just the spoon that had so much attention on the rides, there were trips to the coast and all the way down to Wylam bridge too. You can see some highlighted photographs in the slideshow above, just click the arrows to view more (mostly spoon related) photographs.

Now that activities at Key Enterprises are beginning to get started again, we can't wait to resume our weekly bike Tour de Benton bike rides with the whole gang back together. Does anyone know of a giant fork we can visit?!

Lastly, just a quick note to staff, service users and their support networks to say thank you for your patience, understanding and co-operation with us while we conclude our second week of re-opening. We wouldn't be able to do it without you so THANK YOU!

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