Big Cats in the North East Pt. 2

Arlo and Leon make sure I am never bored and would play all day if they could.  And that's how we spent the Easter holidays, playing football (and deheading a few flowers) Monopoly, Hot Wheels and best of all LEGO.  

On Easter day we made silly hats and hunted for chocolate eggs. I would have preferred hunting for something more satisfying but the boys said no.

And then Easter was over and the boys  had to spend most of the day doing school work.  I didn't understand why, they seemed clever enough to me.  It was nice and sunny and playing outside was much more fun than doing maths exercises.  However, their mother has found me a long list of "jobs she hasn't got round to doing", and so I am learning a lot of new skills.

I hate ironing.  Whats the point?  It seems to me that pressing a piece of cloth with a piece of metal makes no difference, but Leon pointed out that I needed to plug the iron into an electric socket.  Well I did that, and sure enough it got hot and burnt my paw and made a mark on Arlo's teeshirt but I soon got the hang of it.  But I wouldn't wan't to iron every day.

Life here has settled into a routine.  During the week Arlo and Leon do their school work and I tackle the never ending list of household chores.

On Thursdays, the boys go to bed a little later so they can stand on the steps and clap to say thank you to everyone in the NHS, and everyone else who are working to make our lives run as smoothly as possible.  At first it was just clapping but now Thursday evenings have become more of a celebration.  Last night, the boy's father and the man next door brought out their guitars and everyone was singing.  Its a great opportunity for Arlo and Leon to wave to their friends.  

At first the people in the street were afraid of me but now they see  to accept me and I've become part of the community.

Many thanks again to our Trustee, Maggie, for putting this together with her family. It's bringing us all a bit of joy! Blackeywhitey has been up to all sorts so stay tuned to our blog for more tiger updates coming soon!