Big Cats In The North East - 4

Maggie and the team have reported more garden-tiger adventures with a little shout-out to our wonderful NHS. Keep up the good work guys! We'd love to see what you all are up to during lockdown. Get in touch with us on our social media, or here on the website, to share how you're getting creative!

"I don't spend all day working.  When the boys have finished their schoolwork we have time for some fantastic adventures. Arlo has been reading Treasure Island and has told Leon and I all about the amazing deeds of Jim Hawkins and pirates like Long John Silver.  I am now inspired to be a pirate. Once the lockdown rules are lifted, I will set sail with a crew of tigers and search for treasure on the high seas. Arlo and Leon can come as well.

But first we need a boat.  Leon has drawn up some plans and Arlo has found some wood so we are going to spend the next few days building our ship and collecting provisions.

The NHS is brilliant.  We are very lucky because no one we know has been ill, but we do appreciate everyone who works for the NHS and everyone who cares for vulnerable people.  Despite dreadful difficulties and setbacks they are working long hours, taking enormous risks, and most importantly of all, giving care and love to those who need it.

Arlo says that we need is a vaccine and scientists all over the world are working together to find one. Last summer he did some experiments at the Centre for Life and so we are certain that we can help."

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