Big Cats In The North East 3

Here is an update from our Trustee, Maggie's friendly garden tiger, with the help from Arlo too! How are you staying creative at home during lockdown? We'd love to see what you are creating, be sure to follow us on social media and send us a message with what you've been up to! Links are at the end of this post.

"I love the sunshine.  Everyone says it isn't usually as warm as this in Spring but it cheers the spirits.  The boy's mother has been muttering about her garden needing rain but it's been great for playing football.

And then it rained! And rained!  And rained!  No one was surprised; they were even pleased.  The boys splashed about in their wellies but I just got wet and miserable. I don't sleep in the house.  I have a little tent outside. And its too little.  Too little for me.  Normally I don't mind, I can see the stars and, as we live on a hill, the lights across the city.  But last night was too much.  The rain poured down and we cats hate getting wet.  So I sneaked into the family car. 

Luckily it wasn't locked but as I didn't have a key I couldn't make the radio or  the heater work.  And the seats were uncomfortable but I was dry.  I must have fallen  because the next thing I knew was Leon banging on the window to tell me  breakfast was ready.

I don't mind if it rains now as I have a waterproof coat and an umbrella.  Sorted.

The rain has made the soil wet and its been decided that I should do some weeding, planting and pruning.  I don't mind planting but am unhappy about weeding and pruning as the foliage gives sustenance and cover to a wide range of creatures.  And we hunters need somewhere to hide!

It would appear that not every small plant is a weed.  I was told to concentrate on ground elder, and to be fair the boy's mother did show me what it looked like, but it would appear that I dug up the hollyhocks.  Whoops.  Still, no more weeding.

I'm good at digging holes and not bad at planting. But using tools is proving tricky for a cat with such big paws. Arlo says it's good to learn new skills and I'm getting the knack.  Reluctantly."

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