5 ways to stay motivated during lockdown

We've all been experiencing lockdown for a few weeks now, to help keep us motivated, we've put together this short list of a few of our recommended activities to help keep us going in these strange times. If you have any suggestions of your own, please don't hesitate to add them in the comments below or share your ideas with us on social media! Here's our top 5 ways to stay motivated during lockdown:

1. Get Moving:

The current government guidelines allow us to leave the house to get one session of daily exercise be it walk, run or bike ride. When it's not as easy for us to get out the door or if it's just rainy outside, try the Joe Wicks P.E. lessons for half an hour every day. It's fun, suitable for everyone and is surprisingly good fun! It's important to stay active because physical well-being is so closely related to your mental health. The video below is the first day of week 1, give it a go! If it's too much physically for you he does have other styles of workouts on his YouTube channel for those who aren't able to push themselves quite as hard as Joe!

2. Try to be more mindful:

The NHS offer some really handy mindfulness guides and advice. This is a great way to spend some time taking care of your mental well-being and to iron out some of the stresses you may be experiencing. Remember mindfulness can also include doing something like reading a chapter of a book or even listening to a podcast with a cup of tea. 


3. Learn something:

There is always something new to learn and there are more free learning resources out there than ever including the many free courses on the Open University website where you can learn about anything from photosynthesis to Napoleon. Why not use a free app such as Duolingo to start learning a new language! They really encourages you to take regular 10 minute sessions so it doesn't take too much time from your day but you do quickly see results! 


4. Talk to someone:

Staying connected and communicating as a vital part of our daily lives, even more so during lockdown. Here at Key Enterprises, we are making an effort to provide telephone support for our service users so those that want it can receive a phone call a day. Why not try phoning one of your friends or family to check in how they're doing? Elderly relatives or vulnerable people will definitely appreciate the contact as they often feel isolated or restricted! Remember if you send us a message or a tweet on social media we will always reply, just that little bit of contact can make a world of difference! 

5. Have a plan:

It's okay to play video games (Our administrator Rob is hooked on Animal Crossing on his Nintendo!) watch movies and to be lazy, doing things you enjoy is all part of it! However, please make sure everything is done in moderation, create a routine for your day or at the very least set a target when you wake up of what you want to achieve today, use this list to get started if you want! For example, today is Monday so let's call it Movement Monday! Spend half an hour walking around nearby your house or do an exercise lesson online. 

Action Happiness provide a useful calendar for those who want a useful way to structure their time around their mental health: https://www.actionforhappiness.org/active-april

I hope this short little list helps give you some ideas on what you can be doing. I know we are living in difficult times but we're all in this together. Remember, there are plenty of support networks out there if you're struggling, I'll share some useful links and phone numbers below: 


Available 24 hours a day to provide confidential emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress, despair or suicidal thoughts.


116 123 (free to call from within the UK and Ireland), 24 hours a day

Email: jo@samaritans.org

CALM CALM is the Campaign Against Living Miserably, for men aged 15 to 35. Phone: 0800 58 58 58 (daily, 5pm to midnight) Website: www.thecalmzone.net


Mind offers advice, support and information to people experiencing a mental health difficulty and their family and friends. Mind also has a network of local associations in England and Wales to which people can turn for help and assistance.

Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (except bank holidays). 


InfoLine: 0300 123 3393 to call, or text 86463

Email info@mind.org.uk


SANE services provide practical help, emotional support and specialist information to individuals affected by mental health problems, their family, friends and carers.

Support Forum: www.sane.org.uk

Saneline: 0300 304 7000 (local rate on BT landlines) Open 4:30-10:30pm every day

NHS mental health services

Find information, advice and local services on the NHS website. You can also get advice from the NHS 111 phone service.