260 donated bikes en route to Banjul, The Gambia!

The Key Charity Foundation for kids in The Gambia is a Gambian-registered charity working

in partnership with Key Enterprises and Recyke y' Bike to support schools and students in rural areas. This week with the help of Key Enterprises, we filled a shipping container with 260 donated and refurbished bikes, 100 wheels and 150 tyres with inner tubes.

It was quite a big operation! You can watch a short video of the container getting loaded at Key Enterprises for shipment to Banjul here:

Bon voyage, bikes! You can read more about the Key Charity Foundation for Kids on their website here: https://keycharityfoundationforkids.wordpress.com/

It's great to see some activity at Key Enterprises ahead of our re-opening on the 24th of August for service users. We're still working long and hard behind the scenes to get everything ready for our new way of operating. You can read about some of the measures we are putting in place for our service users on our Covid-19 page on our website: https://www.key-enterprises.com/covid-19

You can also help support us through Covid-19 by pledging to our Crowdfunder campaign, there's only a few days left to donate and claim a reward so don't hesitate! Visit our page here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/keyenterprises or take a look at the widget below: