K|E provide supported activities to adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems or acquired brain injuries. Attending K|E provides a routine, sense of purpose, regular access to support and the opportunity to develop skills and confidence within a safe environment.

Without us, service users would experience isolation, reduced opportunities and experiences and a poorer quality of life. Several service users have expressed that attending K|E has provided them with a way of contributing to society in a meaningful way.

We provide a unique service that mixes adults with differing diagnoses and complexities. Only 6% of adults with a learning disability are able to work, K|E enables people to engage in activities within a real work setting, providing opportunities and experiences found nowhere else. Creating an environment to socialise safely allows friendships to be built, and reduces the isolation that so many of the adults we work with would otherwise experience. Having access to a social network can increase happiness and confidence, reduce loneliness and in doing so, reduce linked health risks such as depression, high blood pressure and a higher mortality risk.

Providing the support we do is not without cost. At a time of shrinking personal budgets and reduced government support, our service users are more vulnerable than ever. K|E provide quality, safe and value driven support that costs a tiny fraction of the interventions we prevent through our services.

At Key, service users receive a full day of support within a safe and welcoming environment, whilst also having the opportunity to learn a new skill, all for an incredibly competitive rate. They can gain access to emotional support, signposting and a break from isolation.

Any donation, of whatever value, would be used to continue the valuable work we do.

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