Covid-19 Safety Measures for Staff & Service Users

We're delighted to announce that Key Enterprises is able to open safely again after the lockdown in England. We've worked really hard to to create a safe environment and we're looking forward to welcoming everyone back! This section of the website will outline some of the procedures and extra safety measures we have in place (according to our comprehensive risk-assessment) to make sure that Key Enterprises is covid-secure.

Currently, we are operating with a limited capacity so some Service User may not be in for their usual number of days. This is so we can limit numbers, help spread people out, and provide sufficient support with half a staff team. Service users will be given an attendance days and arrival times in advance. 

Arrival procedure for service users:

1. Service Users Arrive:

•Service Users arrive in 2 waves and queue outside the building using the tape markers to ensure social distancing. Staff are on hand to support this

•A member of staff is stationed at the outer door. They will take temperatures and ask key questions and report the answers to another member of staff who will record the arrival data.

2. If it's safe for the service user to enter: 

•If temperatures and questions are safe, the service user will be allowed into the disabled toilet to wash and sanitise their hands

•They will then be given a disposable, surgical mask to wear before entering the building and going into their departments following the one-way posters. 

3. If it's unsafe for the service user to enter:

•If the temperature or questions indicate the service user is NOT safe to enter the building, they should be guided back to the car-park where a member of staff will explain the concerns and provide support where needed. 

•A staff member will contact relevant support staff and arrange transport for the service user to go home

•The service user will be given an information slip explaining why they can't come into K|E including how to access further information and advice.

Additional changes and precautions:


The majority of our staff and volunteers have now had both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Each week, staff and volunteers take a minimum of two Covid-19 tests including a rapid antigen test (Lateral Flow) and government PCR testing. 

Limited numbers of staff and service users in the building to minimise contact and crowding. 

One-way walking systems in place to ease corridor congestion and prevent unnecessary close contact with others.

All staff have completed Covid-19 infection control training.

Changes to the building layout including making the reception area open-plan to allow for physical distancing. 

Floor markings throughout the building advising of the 2 metre distancing rules. 

Where possible, activities will take place outside including gardening and bike rides. 

Only essential visitors are permitted in the building and visitors are advised to arrange an appointment in advance

Masks will be provided and worn at all times when in the building as well as observation of the 2m distancing rules where possible. 

The quiet room and staff room will be closed to prevent the gathering of people in close proximity. 

Regular sanitising of all touch points at intervals throughout the day including door handles, hand-wash stations and computers. 

Catering department closed to service users to further minimise transmission risks. SUs are also encouraged to bring their own personal mug/cup for hot drinks. 

There will be plenty of hand sanitiser available throughout the building and outside. We have also installed additional hand-washing stations. Tissues & paper towels are available throughout the building and in each department as are pedal bins.

The above list highlights just some of the extra precautions we are taking, we are working closely to a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure that our opening is as safe as possible. As there is a fair bit of change, it will take us all a little while to get used to the new way of working, but we hope you will all help us as we work things out together.


If you have any urgent questions or concerns please contact Anthony Robinson on 07538 413 409 or email Thank you for your support and understanding during the challenges we are working hard to manage.



We look forward to seeing you soon!