Social and leisure activities

We all like to enjoy ourselves and be involved in things which aren't always about work and training. At Key Enterprises we support lots of Social and Leisure activities which everyone is welcome to become involved in – take your pick!


Bike rides take place every week and frequently at weekends.
All abilities are welcome – we can supply the bikes and also have tandems available for those who want extra support.

Football Training

We use the local Soccer Dome for Football Training and 5-a-side every Thursday morning. We've been in lots of local competitions and we've won a cup!

Leisure Centre Activities

Badminton, Keep Fit, Gym sessions, and swimming are some of our weekly activities.

“Badminton, Keep Fit, Gym sessions, and swimming are some of our weekly activities, but we offer a variety of experiences and events throughout the year.

Fishing Club

We meet every month at Key Enterprises. We charter boats for sea fishing, arrange trips to a variety of Lakes and offer support and advice to members.

Key Tones Band

We practice every week in the evening and at lunch times. We've been booked for lots of local events and festivals and we've just completed the making of our second C.D. in a local recording studio.

“I love the band sessions and I've learnt to play the guitar which I never thought was possible!”

To find out more about the Key Tones (including hiring them) please click here.

Please view this video to meet members of the Key Tones and listen to some of their great music 

YouTube Video

Holidays and Days Out

Key Enterprises support holidays and days out every year. We are lucky enough to have visited France, Spain, Majorca, Belgium, Ireland, Holland, Denmark and Sweden. We’ve also had some great days out to a variety of places.

“When Key said a holiday was being organised I didn't even have a passport but they helped me get sorted and I had a fantastic time.”

Latest News

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