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Community Involvement

Key Enterprises recognises the value of you getting involved in community activities. These activities can offer mental, physical and social stimulation and compliment the support and training you receive at Key Enterprises.
You can have difficulty in accessing community social activities for a variety of reasons: lack of opportunity, discrimination, lack of confidence and financial restraints, therefore, Key Enterprises aims to provide the assistance you need.
Current Community Activities include:

The band was set up at the request of several service users who expressed an interest in singing and learning to play instruments. Currently, there are 13 members who regularly meet during lunchtimes and at least one evening, to rehearse. In addition, the band have performed at 6 public events and have proven to be a fantastic opportunity for service users to experience enjoyment, personal fulfilment and recognition.
A CD of some of the bands favourite songs has been recorded and is for sale at £2.00 per copy.

Key Enterprises carries out work with other organisations which gives you the opportunity to mix with other community groups.  Work has taken place with the Rising SunFarm, Barnados, Nomad E5 and Percy Hedley.

Key Enterprises supports you in carrying out healthy activities in the community. These include, football, badminton, gym sessions and walks. A dedicated cycling group do regular rides and have successfully completed the 2011 Great North Cycle Ride.

Key Enterprises supports and gives guidance should you wish to book a holiday or have a day away.