Working in partnership with us to deliver mental health and learning disability orientated services is simple and straightforwardThis page provides an overview of what we aim to deliver, and how we work.

Support for our Service Users / Services Available for Commissioning
An overview of how we work is detailed below, and is largely focussed around four key areas:

1.    Working and Training

Service Users experience a real work environment with training, support and coaching from an experienced, qualified supervisor. All of the products made are for sale, so the work done is ‘real’ work and can count towards an accredited qualification.

2.    Care and Support

Each of our Service Users has a care plan. Key Enterprises plays an active part in the aims of the care plan and we make sure there’s always somebody to talk to if problems arise. There’s regular communication with care professionals and carers and relatives are welcome to visit at any time. We aim to offer care and support at every step in the Service User's journey.

3.    Preparation for Employment

The training and work provided is fantastic preparation for moving into open employment, voluntary work or further training. We help with CV writing, preparing for interviews, searching for jobs and going into open work placements so the Service User can feel as confident as possible about the challenges they may face.

4.    Social Opportunities

Meeting new people and being part of a working routine is vital to increasing confidence and self-worth. Key Enterprises is a great place to meet new people who share similar interests. Our ‘Buddy Scheme’ promotes social activities including football, badminton, swimming walks, gym sessions, cycling, orienteering, ten-pin bowling etc.

Service User attendance hours are:
9:00 am  - 4:00 pm – Monday to Thursday
9:00 am – 2:00 pm – Friday
Tea, coffee and a two-course lunch are available every day at no charge.
There are tea breaks in the morning and afternoon.
Hours are flexible and can be tailored to meet Service Users needs.

Referrals and Payments for Services

Care Professionals can refer individuals to Key Enterprises, or individuals with a personal budget/direct payment can self refer.

Activities and services at Key Enterprises need to be paid for. These can be paid for a variety of ways; Commissioned Services through a Local Authority, Individual Service Funds, Personal Budgets or Direct Payments.

Costs of activities and services can vary dependent upon the outcomes required for the individual – please contact us to discuss.

Developing Programmes For You

If you require a new programme of support to be created and delivered for individuals with mental health or learning disabilities that you are responsible for then please get in touch with us to start developing a programme with you. Our friendly team of experts are on hand to develop a service that meets the needs of the user as well as supporting your own targets and measures.

To discuss how we could deliver services on your behalf please contact us.

Equality and Respect
We promise to respect Service User needs and treat everyone equally regardless of age, race, religious beliefs, gender or sexuality. We will ensure that everyone at Key Enterprises treats Service Users this way and in return we expect that Service Users will respect everybody who uses our service. It is important that Service Users, and everybody else at Key Enterprises feels safe and has a positive experience. For this reason we operate a zero tolerance policy towards violence, abuse or misuse of our services.
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