Meet the Staff

We’re a group of skilled professionals dedicated to providing the best support possible to our Service Users. Volunteer staff, without whom we couldn’t operate, supplement our work. We are always keen to welcome new volunteers so please don’t hesitate to contact us on (0191) 270 1138 if you’re interested in helping out. 

Management and Accounts

Chief Executive - Mike Halsey                                                        
Operations Manager - Lisa Donnalley                            
Client Service Manager - Shirley Wilkinson 
Accounts - Brenda Gildea
Reception and Administration 
Maria Hall and Shaughna Lazzari

Information Technology Department

David Younger – I.T. Technician & Val Adams – I.T./Promotions Supervisor

Gardening Department
Brian Johnston – Gardening Supervisor                                    
Matthew Darling – Gardening Supervisor  
Steve Cowgill – Gardening Assistant/Bicycle Recycling
Paint Finishing and Woodwork Department

Andrew Kowall – Paint Finishing Supervisor                                  

Dave Weatherley – Woodwork Supervisor                                     

Henry Wilkinson – Health and Safety/Woodwork Assistant

Catering Metalwork & Renovation Departments
Margaret O’Brien – Catering Supervisor                                     
Martyn Richardson – Furniture Renovation Supervisor
Gary Smith – Metalwork Supervisor