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NE First Credit Union

                                                            NE First Credit Union

We recognise the importance of encouraging our Service Users to develop their life skills by improving their knowledge and understanding of budgeting and finance. This can have a positive impact not only in developing skills for employment but also in our Service Users’ personal lives.

One of our approaches is to promote membership of our local community Credit Union, NE First.

Credit Unions are financial co-operatives that are owned and managed by their members. Amongst other things they offer the opportunity to save on a regular basis and obtain loans based on their savings at highly competitive rates and also provides free life insurance. They have the advantage over many other financial institutions in that they are more community orientated and will often provide a much more personalised support for individual members.

NEFirst Credit Union was formed by the merger of a number of smaller North East based Credit Unions who have been providing savings and loan accounts for their members for more than twenty years.

NEFirst Credit Union covers the whole of the North East, including County Durham, Northumberland and all of the boroughs that make up Tyne and Wear (Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, North Tyneside and South Tyneside), and so all of our Service Users are eligible to join.

Further information on NE First Credit Union can be obtained from their website