Get involved

Joining Key Enterprises is easy. You can refer yourself to the service or be referred by a professional involved in your care, a Job Centre, your local Support and Planning Team or by another service you currently have contact with. Click here to get in touch with us.

To help you get involved we will:

1. Invite you to visit

  • Come along to view the Service, meet other service users, meet the Team and discuss your needs.

  • This visit will usually last up to an hour.

2. Invite you to try out an activity

  • These are our 'Taster Days'. An opportunity to try out the activities and spend some time with the service.

  • How long you spend with us is up to you. Come along for a couple of hours or spend the whole day here - the choice is yours.

3. Support you to access a personal budget

  • You may already have a Personal Budget which you can choose to spend at Key Enterprises. If you don't we can talk to you about how you may be able to access a budget.

  • You can also pay for Key Enterprises privately or through a Health Care Budget.

  • The cost of the service is listed below.

4. Agree an individual Training Programme

  • Everyone is different. Your training programme will be designed with you to make sure it meets your individual needs with targets and outcomes that you want to achieve.

  • We will review your programme with you at regular intervals.

Cost of the service

Daily Rate = £40.00
Half Day = £26.00
One-One Support = £12.00 (per hour)
Courses - are priced per course.
Prices vary depending on the type / length of the course.

Other People Say......

“There are loads of things to get involved in and it gets me out the house”
“I like learning about Gardening and I like the people I mix with”
“It’s a great way to get some qualifications and they help you to write a C.V.”
“My Mental Health is much better now. I feel better about myself and I have loads more confidence”
“My son attends Key Enterprises. He has really come out of his shell since he started going – and he comes home with a smile on his face!