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What vocational courses do Key Enterprises offer?

Key Enterprises offer the following Vocational Progression Programmes:
- Woodwork
- Horticulture
- Catering
- Furniture Renovation/Restoration
- Metalwork and Paint Finishing

Qualifications are also available in Key/Functional Skills, Adult Literacy, Adult Numeracy and Personal Progression from Entry Level to L2 through group, one to one and embedded sessions.

Life Skills sessions such as First Aid, Health and Hygiene, Nutrition and Fitness, Budgeting and Finance.

What benefits do the Key Enterprise vocational training have for Service Users?

Service users benefit from increased social integration through day trips, annual holidays and a variety of extra curricular activities. They complete their training in a work based environment giving them valuable on the job experience for the future. Key Enterprises help service users back on the road to recovery, and there is evidence to suggest that our work leads to the instances of psychotic episodes being significantly reduced.

How are the courses accredited?

Key Enterprises is recognized with the Open College Network and fully mapped to the Adult Curriculum and the Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF)

What is the referral process for Service Users at Key Enterprises?

The referral process follows these stages:

  1.  Contact: The Client Services Manager Shirley Wilkinson at Key Enterprises (shirley@key-enterprises.com and discuss if our service is appropriate for you and if we can support your needs. 
  2. Spend time with us: An opportunity to visit us and see what and find out more about the activities or meet the co-ordinator of your chosen programme.
  3. Individual Programme Design: We work with you to design your individual programme that meets with your specific needs by offering a wide range of activities and services, which are flexible and allow change or development.
  4. Funding your placement: Placements are funded through the local authority, personal budgets with your direct payment or through private funding arrangements.
  5. Agreeing the placement: Placements are only agreed when your referral including receipt of your care plan, risk assessment and funding agreement are complete.
  6. Service delivery: You begin your programme with the service in our main centre, in a community based environment or a combination of both. Activities are flexible and can be changed to meet changing needs. 
  7. Evaluation: Individual programmes are evaluated with you, your care co-ordinator and the client services manager at Key Enterprises and continues to take place throughout the programme, along with formal care co-ordination reviews.
  8. Recommendations: We will make recommendations for your future training which could take place at a local college training provider, support access employment or voluntary work or signposting to other services which may benefit you.

For further information on attending Key Enterprises please contact the service by telephone 0191 2701138